Apple's golden opportunity re Aperture: the possibility of Lightroom in the cloud

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Re: Aperture without question....

rattymouse wrote:

sanmaj wrote:

Couldn't agree more!! Now, all we have to do is get Apple moving on the slight improvements we need in Aperture and the Adobe Creative Cloud discussion is history for Apple MAC users!

People were seriously waiting for Aperture 4 in 2012.  Now with 2013 almost half over, Aperture 4 STILL is not even in the rumor stage.

Was Aperture ever in a rumour stake (beyond the usual speculation, like what happend in 2012)?

At what point do we conclude that Apple has stopped development of Aperture?

We got a new raw support version name last September. With Aperture 2 the updates were labelled with '2.0x', with Aperture 3, '3.0x', and with Aperture 3.4, '4.0x' (I think is occurred together with the new highlight and shadow functions). I am unsure what that means, was it an aborted Aperture 4 branch? Was it branched of still active the Aperture 4 branch?

At least since iPhoto and Aperture share the same library, any image adjustment improvements or new features of it will likely come to both applications (at least those coming to iPhoto will come to Aperture).

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