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Re: Just be conscious and use search box at first

Richard - of course the A77 can do countless things the RX100 can't touch, and as I said, I have not sold mine - partly because I do have a 70-400mm and also macro and other lenses which have specific uses.

What I will say is that the RX100 sensor at ISO 125, shooting raw and processing using LR or ACR, yields lower noise and better acuity for many types of subject - especially skin tones - than the A77 at ISO 100. I've looked at many raw files, after being asked to do so by an A77 user who was disappointed by the way flesh tones were rendering in situations where this matters (particularly, groups where the faces are relatively small).

Certainly no reason to cancel an A77, but every reason to own an RX100 as well.

This was the example of an RX100 shot I put on the photoclubalpha forum. It is without any sharpening and without any NR (all ACR sliders set to minimum) and it's at f/5.6, 1/800th.

I posted a 100% clip from this -

Examine this at full size. Then, after considering it, you will know that the A77 can easily match this but on a typical A77 file processed the same way (no sharpening no NR) the penumbral shadowed skin would show visible coloured noise, even at ISO 100.

Finally, there's one more small point to make. This is a 100% clip of an export to 25 megapixels - not to 20. ACR allows interpolated enlargement from the raw data. The RX100 at 125 makes a superb 25 megapixel, 72 megabyte final file. They are so good I have accidentally left ACR set to do this (it uses the last export size you set for the next file, etc) and not noticed, when doing my zoom to 100% check, that I've been blowing the raw image up.


NB: after checking this post, I see the DPReview processing has taken visible detail out of the shot - as seen directly in Photoshop, there are fine hairs along the side of the hand against the darker background - they disappear entirely in the 100% view here.

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