Having a baby, Thinking 17mm f1.8

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Re: Not the best choice

Marty4650 wrote:

<cobblers awls snipped>

Marty old bean. Let me be simple and to the point. There are 7 billion people on this planet and only 311 miilion of them are in the USA and subject to the laws and religious lunacy of the USA - that is 4% of the population of the world.

The remaining 96% - well, we have things that protect the rights of the father and mother when they have a child, we have traditions that don't involve imposing the fathers family name on the children (yes, believe it or not, I can give my children a surname that isn't either my wife's or my surname and yes it is traditional). We have liberties that you seem to wish to deny others. Traditions that you seem to view inferior to yours.

Seriously Marty. Pull your head out your fundament and look around. Beyond the shores of your land there are 205 other sovereign countries, 205 other traditions, 205 other sets of laws, over 400 different religions. Of all of those, some, not all, force the family name of the man on the child. Many, a majority, recognize the rights and responsibilities of a family living together without needing someone and their happy sky friend saying "OK".

If all else fails, just remember one thing - the entire universe is not cookie cutter copies of your deeply held, yet fundamentally minor, views.


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