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Yes and for people who aren't as experienced, the newer sensors might have covered up their mistakes. They normally allow higher ISO, have less noise and higher DR. They are more forgiving of mistakes.

I think the point he is making is that people who do not see their mistakes have nothing to learn from, and so they will always produce the same gray, blurry, and out of focus snaps (as they always did). Hence their rational for debating (even wishing) the more advanced models becomes blatantly pointless. C'mon Stacey, do we really need to go through the threads and posts to make this more obvious ;)?

No, the newer sensors (and more advanced cameras) do not forgive mistakes, they only make certain things easier. Like you said.


Thanks for helping to clarify my point.

It's also a matter of credibility. We have people who want to speak with presumed expertise (not just here, but on all the forums) about the latest sensors and whatnot, yet when they post photos, the images offer nothing to indicate that the person knows how to take practical advantage of the newer, better camera. Fine and good, except when the person tries come across as though his photos are examples of what the camera can do. Sure, the camera may have offered some improvement of his photos, subjectively, but that doesn't equate to offering an objective opinion of the superiority of his new gear over someone else's older gear.

I concur.  There's a world of difference between saying "I like my gear because of this and this" and "My gear 'puts to shame' others' gear because everyone knows it's the best".

I have no problem, and even encourage, people who say "Hey folks, I bought a new camera and I really like the results compared to my old one". Just don't try to convince me, as someone taking photos at a professional level, that i should drink the same cool-aid.

In all honesty, how often does the IQ of a photo affect the success of a photo?  According to this poll I started in the Open Forum, most feel it's fairly rare.

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