US shale oil supply shock shifts global power balance

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Re: Europe is becoming a green-energy basket case

LeRentier wrote:

yanisha wrote:

LeRentier wrote:

I'm glad to learn that US oil will be cleaner and slow down global warming.

Yes, now if Canada and, especially Europe, will start helping then that would be really good.

Europe is becoming a green-energy basket case

FOR YEARS, European leaders have flaunted their unwavering commitment to fighting climate change — and chastised the United States for lagging behind. But last week brought yet more confirmation that the continent has become a green-energy basket case. Instead of a model for the world to emulate, Europe has become a model of what not to do.

We do live in an amazing world, don't we ?

Yes, indeedy!

Maybe Europe should listen to you and stop importing cheap coal from the US.

Yes, Europe seems to care very little about the earth's atmosphere and global warming.  I thought Europe would have already switched to all sun and wind by now.  What happened?  Why is Europe in this day and age using so much dirty coal?!?!?

Do you sincerely believe that shale production will slow down global warming or do you also believe that the world stops at your own borders ?

Natural gas is much, much cleaner than coal.  So, yes, I do believe using natural gas will help while Europe using coal hurts (a lot).

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