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And the "This guy with a lot of skill and an old tech camera can make better images than this novice with the newest tech" is just silly and obvious to anyone.

Sorry ... but there's nothing silly about it. There are images being shot today with very, very old 11 X 17 view cameras that put even medium format digital to shame. The difference isn't the technology as much as it is the photographer's knowledge about how to use old tech ...

Hence the "obvious to anyone" part. Everyone understands there is skill required to make great images. And that a skilled person will create better images with almost anything than a non-skilled person will using the best gear made. Why this is brought up by people over and over in a forum comparing gear is beyond me. What does this have to do with the fact the sensor used in the OMD is better than anything ever put in a 4/3 camera?

Back to my original analogy you didn't like. Lets say there are two different cameras for sale, one uses 620 film and the other 120 film (both have 6X6 format). When they were made, both used the same film types. Later they quit improving the 620 film, all you can get is the old slower, grainy film in this type. But the 120 film was updated and is available in faster speeds with less grain. Why would you invest in a camera system that uses 620 film and be stuck with older image capture technology?

Beacuse you can afford it? Older technology costs less than newer. Being a professional is about earning an income, recognizing when you can continue to use your existing equipment and when you NEED to upgrade.

Also in the realm of digital there is an element of sensor design in the equation. When I sold my original E-3 and bought an a850 I dont think I realized the difference between the sensor output. However once I had a selection of a850 images to compare to my E-3 more often than not I preferred the results of the E-3, specifically with colour and skin tones.

While this may be a personal preference, as photographers our goals are not to produce the same homogenized work, but to allow those personal feelings towards the output to flourish and in turn aid in creating "different" results (on top of processing etc.)

But to return to your point, why would someone buy the older film compared to the newer, well price, convenience (he knows the old film better than the new film) and even preference.


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“You don’t take a photograph, you make it.” -Ansel Adams

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