Any Lightroom 4 alternatives that cost less?

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Re: Any Lightroom 4 alternatives that cost less?

Richard Wonka wrote:

I do believe that feature is there. Horizontal and vertical keystone correction are what you are looking for, is that correct?

When comparing to other apps, keep in mind that LR perspective corrections go much further than simple keystone correction. In LR you have:

  • In the panel are manual keystoning corrections, horizontal and vertical, along with other corrections like chromatic aberration

Chromatic Aberration is covered in Darktable.

  • A Distortion correction for barrel and pincushion distortion, so straight lines are actually straight. ...

Not sure about that one, can check.

  • On top of all that, there are lens profiles that already have corrections for many lenses, meaning you may not have to make any adjustments for the quirks of individual lenses, only to remove perspective distortion.

Darktable does lens correction as well out of the box. Many lenses are already fully supported and it seems to be a very powerful tool for that, but I haven't read up on this yet.

  • And finally on top of all that, if a profile does not exist for your lens, you can use a lens profiler utility to make your own!

I'm pretty sure that is possible, as there are constantly new lens profiles added to Darktable, but again, this is not something I've read up on yet.

(At the moment, I'm busy just getting the exposure right in my images and I'm actually trying to minimise my use of darktable for corrections and instead get the images the way I want them out of the camera in the first place.

I'd be shocked if RawTherapee wasn't using Lensfun's libraries.  If so, it'll have Chromatic Aberration, Barrel/Pincushion Distortion, and Vingetting, have some profiles included, and if you don't mind getting your hands dirty it's pretty easy to make profiles for your lenses (zooms will require a good number of photos).  I don't know how RawTherapee impliments lens corrections but in UFRaw (a very quick Raw converter that drops all the image library features), the correction equations were all manipulatable by the end user (so it would be possible in anything else).

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