Got my RX-100 today

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Re: Got my RX-100 today

I submit fairly large batches of images to Alamy (a typical week at a destination may involve a thousand miles of travel around and produce 400-500 images). This on-line library will reject your entire queued submission if a single file has too much noise, or is not sharp, etc. I shoot using A99, A900, A77, NEX-5n, NEX-7 etc.

And guess what - I now also shot with the RX100 and I have the auto ISO set to 125-1600, and I've shot at 3200 without problems. Processed from raw, the images are generally as good as the NEX-5n and better than the A77 or NEX-7. The multishot high ISO JPEG modes are good enough for professional use. At low ISOs, even f/1.8 shots are sharp across the frame. With ACR lens correction, the geometry of the images is close to perfect so architectural interiors have needed no crop, no correction. All in all, it's the most amazing little camera I have ever used.

This shot was taken at ISO 3200 but after processing with controlled NR, and then reduction to 2400 x 3600 pixels (9 megapixel effective size) it was completely safe to include with pictures going to Alamy. This is the only concession I make, for high ISOs I will reduce the file size.

Take a look at this as well - and read the text (don't just look at the RX100 example and judge without reading the following post!).

Photoclubalpha Forum thread on noise in skin tones A77 vs other cameras.

The RX100 can, at the best, deliver a file for me which exceeds the 24 megapixels of the A77...


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