Apple's golden opportunity re Aperture: the possibility of Lightroom in the cloud

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Re: Aperture without question....

noirdesir wrote:

sanmaj wrote:

Couldn't agree more!! Now, all we have to do is get Apple moving on the slight improvements we need in Aperture and the Adobe Creative Cloud discussion is history for Apple MAC users!

Not for those that also need to do the occasional graphic design (logos, graphs, posters), we also need Illustrator and InDesign (and sometimes also Acrobat).

While a lot of Acrobat features can be found in other applications (eg, PDFpen) finding replacements for Illustrator is harder as all alternative only provide a subset of Illustrator features. Lineform was one promising option but after a year or two it was abandoned by its developers. Sketch is another one but which so far lacks any real capability of importing or editing vector graphic files, which is about half of what a vector graphic application should be able to do. Omnigraffle is good on higher level illustrations but has only modest overlap with Illustrator features.

For InDesign, we have one (but only one) full replacement, QuarkXPress, but it has been continuously loosing traction against InDesign for over a decade now. But hey, maybe this move by Adobe gives it some well-needed boost in the marketplace.

One problem is getting replacements for all four (major) components of even only the Design Standard Suite (ie, non-web, non-video), PS, Illustrator, InDesign, and Acrobat adds up to a non-negligible sum (eg, Pixelmator + PDFpen + Sketch + QuarkXPress). The other is that, most saliently for InDesign, that a lot of work is invested into documents that can be used as templates for other documents and a conversion from InDesign to Quark is only partially possible.

I was only arguing that for Photography ONLY, one could get by very nicely with just Lightroom or Aperture, and their current version of Photoshop for many years to come without ever accessing the CC.  However, if you have need of more than 2 or 3 Adobe apps., the financial trade-offs make more sense, particularly if you are making money with them and can write them off as business expenses.  And that's pretty much the point.  Adobe is making itself the provider of "business" use software for the most part.  And that's fine with me.  I see their point (I guess).

I agree with our second point as well.  Perhaps all the Kerfuffle about all of this will wake some competitors up and get some competition going, which could only be a good thing for creatives in general.

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