need help choosing a first camera for climbing and mountain biking

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Re: need help choosing a first camera for climbing and mountain biking

The G5 combined with a 14-42PZ, 45-150, Meike auto extension tubes, and 9-18 Olympus lens would probably be the smallest, lightest, most complete outdoor system you could get.

With the Panasonic features, that's everything from 18mm to 600mm equivalent including macro capability with an EVF the size of a full frame.

You wouldn't have to have everything initially or carry the entire system, but over time, that's basically the outdoor system you're likely to assemble.

I have a similar system for similar purposes and if I had to go from scratch today, that's what I'd start with. Or simply go with a Panasonic LX5/7.

I've noticed that Nikon dslr users are a little more drawn to the Panasonic m4/3 as a substitute if they downsize. Not quite sure why. All the outdoor/nature related authors I study or follow using Nikon tend to directly apply to my Panasonic system. I almost forget they're explaining a different system. Visually, the EVF reacts more like an optical viewfinder than a traditional liveview.

Once you get familiar with the control system, it's not hard to study the procedures.

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