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Re: Got my RX-100 today

richard NO wrote:

what about ISO, i see that default is 125 but it extends to 100 and 80... What is best to use in good light, the extended 80 or 125?

With a film camera you select ISO when you buy the film and put it in your camera. You are stuck with that ISO until you change the roll. Not very flexible, and expensive if you want to change ISO at a whim.

A digital is much more flexible and it makes sense to me to adjust ISO as another trade off variable between quality and speed. The easiest way to do that is to set it at Auto and let the camera manage the trade off on a shot by shot basis. The RX100 is nice in that it lets you set the ISO low and high limits it can use in Auto. My thoughts are that you set it between the best quality and the best compromise quality limits that you are happy with. If that is not enough then you can make the choice on a shot by shot basis to select something outside of that range. In noise reduction mode you can also set the ISO you want to use.

Last if you are frequently changing ISO from the Auto setting, then it makes sense to set ISO as one of your seven choices in the Fn button setting.

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