OMD EM-6, can we talk about the buttons, dials, menus, shape ?? nothing else

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Re: OMD EM-6, can we talk about the buttons, dials, menus, shape ?? nothing else

Prairie Pal wrote:

I know we all have opinions on what the EM-5 wasn't or should have been.  The feel, interface, and menus of a device have always been as important to my enjoyment as the final image.  I would very much like to read what others think about the aspects mentioned in the title.  Please dispense with the technical jargon about pixels, sensors, algorythims, olympus repair policies, and especially flaming the poster above you for his or her opinions.

1.  what do you like and want to keep

2. what do you want to get rid of

3. what do you want to add

4.  And / or what would you like to see the EM-6 morph into and where is it's greatest potential?

I think it's danged near pefect, but nothing is 100%.  I don't want to see it made much larger or heavier - otherwise defeats the purpose of m43.  If you are going to force a larger camera on me, then I might I well go back something with a larger sensor.

A few quibbles:

The playback button and the FN1 button are too close together.  I'd add some separation there.

I would like a traditional DOF preview button on the front of the camera body so I can press it with my left hand while keeping the shutter button halfway pressed.  I know - many think the DOF preview is obsolete, but I like having it.

Don't really care for the on/off switch, but I'm used to it now, so not a big deal.

A fully articulated LCD would be nice, but not at the expense of size and weight.

Maybe use a joystick controller rather than the four buttons.  For those of us coming from Sony's higer end DSLRS, that was one of the best ergonomic features they had.  I loved that joystick.  If I had a camera company, it would be on every one of my cameras.

Thinks I don't mind....

I don't find the menus all that confusing, and the quick menu takes me to most of the frequently used items with just a touch of the a button.  Super easy.

I don't want a grip that will make the camera bigger and heavier.

I don't want a cheap built in flash - completely useless on most every camera I've ever owned.

I like the retro hump.

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