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Re: Not intutive

"UI" (User Interface) is generally used to described software, not hardware. I use the term "touch UI" to refer to the "Metro"-style user interface, just as I use "desktop UI" to refer to the traditional Windows DWM (Desktop Window Manager) GUI interface.

"Touch" is a hardware characteristic. When you say "touch UI" I (and most likely everyone else) will read that as "the UI you use with your touch device". I have none, so I have no touch UI.

If you dislike Metro, call it Modern.

Swipes from the side are a standard touch UI technique, similar to right-clicking for a desktop UI.

Except they're not. The only thing side swipes are used for in the iOS applications I use are for side scrolling. I have no applications where side sweeps provide basic functionality.

No, they're not obvious for someone used to a desktop, but they're par for the course for mobile devices.   Anyone used to a touch UI who wasn't familiar with a particular mobile OS would try swipes from the side to see what they do.   I don't see that as a failing of Windows 8.

I wouldn't, unless the screen looks like it can scroll sideways. What other functions do side sweeps usually provide? Where is this supposedly standard use documented?


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