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Re: You're making my point

1w12q312qw1 wrote:


I couldn't agree more. But calling out someone for an "elitist" attitude is not really a personal attack on his moral character or personal ethics. It is moreover a reaction to his "style" or "manner of speaking". Many doctors will talk "at" their patients and not "with" them and that habit is disconcerting to me and reflective of a "superior" attitude. I have no ill will towards anyone here and I will lighten up as soon as certain people stop talking down to everyone else here. It's the little catch-phrases that give a window into a person's heart and mind.


It's all in your head mate.

I AM surprised that some folks have such trouble doing things that seem rather obvious to me, and I AM confused when someone makes a statement about a feature that is factually just false (ie. Page break is no longer under "Insert" with the ribbon), and I do wonder at the apparent anger people feel towards a piece of software.

I would consider myself an above average computer user (no expert by any means) with very average demands for my computer usage.

You do keep bringing doctors into this for some reason, which confuses me.  Perhaps you are just really angry with your general practitioner.

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