Poll Will You buy LR5 knowing that next LR will be available through cloud only?

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jayrandomer wrote:

ljfinger wrote:

jayrandomer wrote:

There are certainly strong indications that LR6 would be CC only,...

There are no such indications at this time.

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I mean to say there is a strong possibility that LR6 would be CC only.

There is no evidence that Adobe will definitely license LR6 as CC only, but there is no indication that they won't.  There is also the possibility that they abandon LR altogether and that LR5 is the last version they ever make.

If they are to be believed that LR is the enthusiast program then some confirmation that they intend to keep LR as a stand-alone version for the foreseeable future would buoy my confidence.  I search and could not find such a confirmation, which in my mind suggests that either

a) they don't understand their customer's concerns over the CC license

b) they haven't made up their mind yet and LR6 could be CC only

or c) Adobe is getting the exact reaction they anticipated because the understand their market better than we do.

You (and many on this forum) seem not consider that. True, there are many on this forum clearly upset with the new plans, but are you sure that this is indicative of failure on Adobe's part? Could it be that the majority of CS users actually like the change or are at least willing to give it a try? DPR forums are not the center of the universe and in general those that complain do so more readily and more loudly. I am not yet convinced that this will be the failure that many believe. I know a couple of users who embraced this before it was announced to be the only future. They love it. I don't count that as proof of anything though. Both of your scenarios could be true. Things change. Time will tell.

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