Has anyone experienced weird E-PL2 -- 20mm f/1.7 interaction?

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Re: Has anyone experienced weird E-PL2 -- 20mm f/1.7 interaction?

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What I've noticed on my E-PL1 is that the 20mm sometimes refuses to switch focus from far to near objects, not so often vice versa like you observed. In these situations it usually helps to focus on the edge of the object or on a part of the object with strong contrasts. Maybe it's because the autofocus mechanism checks objects near to the last focused object more carefully than far objects - but it's speculation and doesn't explain why it seems to happen more often with the 20mm than with other lenses. I wrote "it seems" because i use the 20mm more often in low light, and that could be reason I experience this problem more often with this lens. I'm also not sure if my experiences match your observations.

Thanks.  This situation was in broad daylight with lots of contrasty objects, so that wasn't a problem.  In my case the camera locked up.  I did a little more rooting around on the internet and found some references to people having problems if they didn't update the lens' firmware.  I've asked the owner to see if he can update the firmware if he still wants to sell it.

PStu, I am currently having problems with my 20mm on ALL the Oly m43, i.e., EM5, EPL1 and EPL2. It used to work with EPL1 before....Camera locks up....It{s a shame since it is a great lens!!

It can't be a generic issue though. My 20/1.7 works just fine on my E-M5. Haven't experienced any focus problems or lock-ups.

Yes, I think the lens just stopped working....and I don't know what to do

Not sure I can be of help without knowing more but could it possibly be the problem this guy had (see link below)?


No, the owner put the lens back on his E-P1, and it worked fine.

The problem sounds like what is reported here:  http://www.mu-43.com/f38/panasonic-20-e-pl2-focusing-issues-23412/.

The possibility I mentioned was more directed to Isacas than to you. In your case, the only thing I can think of aside from things that need outright repair is the firmware update you already mentioned.

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