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Re: It's no different than film was....

Stacey_K wrote:

... The case you seem to be trying to make is I should have ignored this new improved film because a good photographer could make nice images (and make up for?) this new, better film? No one would have refused to use this new improved film back then, why should people do it now?

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How much is a roll of film & processing? How much is a new DSLR body that would prove to be substantially better than an "older" body. I don't think your analog works all that well. To me, trying out a new film would be the equivalent in digital of purchasing a better tripod head or perhaps a superior UV filter ... and even THAT analogy doesn't work all that well because film, by its very nature, was at the heart of film photography. The light-tight box that carried the film was of far less consequence than the film/lens combination.

Today, the manufacturers have gotten us over a barrel with digital because each and every manufacturer builds in what they believe is the proper "look" for an image. A Nikon shot is as different from a Canon shot as a Canon is from an Olympus. These differences are similar to the differences in film except, with digital, it's far more costly to "try one out and see how it looks in prints." And yet, that's exactly what so many photographers are doing; they're jumping from body to body, brand to brand, sensor design to sensor design, all in the hope of "improving" their pictures when, the fact is, it was lack of skill that was the culprit.

This is, to my mind, the most astonishing bit of product marketing I've seen in a long, long time. Just look at the language and phrases that the manufacturers use when they release a new product. Read the hype and weep.

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