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Re: who cares what he says?

GingerBread wrote:

Notice Thom Hogan is sniffy about Nikon's competitors. look at his latest V2 text where he is apparently lavishing praise on the ugly beast. Imagine if  Oly or Samsung had designed that dog!

These discussions would be more meaningful if folks actually read his writings before asserting he's anti-everything but Nikon.  Thom has written that the E-M5 REPLACED HIS NIKON D7000!  He also wrote:

"It's actually pretty easy to recommend the Olympus cameras at the moment: entry level buy the E-PL5, top level buy the OM-D E-M5."

He's also praised Sony's NEX 6.

I've read Thom's writings for many years.  He's a pro who takes all the manufacturers to task from time to time, including Nikon.  I value his opinions, they are much more reasoned than those of chaps such as Ken Rockwell.   But one has to keep in mind that he's a nature photographer more concerned about issues for the nature photog who is hiking with a backpack; issues important to a portrait photographer aren't on his radar as much.


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