A Nikon-newbie speculates about the D400

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A Nikon-newbie speculates about the D400

So many here have mused and lamented about the much longed-for D400 that now that I've been part of the Nikon family for all of 6 weeks, I thought I would throw my 2 cents into the hat too!

I'm a former Canon guy, we use a Canon pro video camera in the video production part of our web development business (used to use Sony pro cams), and I briefly dabbled with the 5D MKII, bought mainly for DSLR video.

Two months ago my Panasonic FZ200 on which I was learning nature photography had recurring mechanical problems (I was an early adopter last Fall) and the store manager felt so sorry for all the grief I had had over the previous 7 months that he said I could have all my money back to put towards a new camera of my choice. So I took him up on it.

What I really wanted and had been waiting for, as were other Canon folks, was the newly upgraded 7D MKII, which if Canon's past performance on the 7D is any gauge, promises to be a phenomenally good crop-sensor camera which will be a top seller for years, as was the 7D and the 5D MKII in the full-frame category. The other model I was waiting for was the long-expected 70D enthusiast-level camera which, when it finally comes out, will likely be the direct and serious competitor to the Nikon D7100.

Neither camera was available, and still aren't, plus I had no investment in Canon glass (sold my 5D MKII a year ago), so here was an opportunity to jump the Canon ship and try out the D7100, which I did and am happy to report that I couldn't be happier after 6,000 shots!

So here's the thing about the likelihood of us seeing a D400. From how I see it, it's an absolute must. There is no way that Nikon can allow Canon have an incredibly powerful pro/semi-pro crop-sensor camera and have that market segment all to themselves... they'll get murdered. They will need to answer 7D MKII with a convincing alternative or risk losing huge numbers of pro and semi-pro customers who need an top crop-sensor camera.

My guess, as a Nikon-newbie, is that you can bet your bippy on the appearance of the D400, or something like it... along with its HUGE buffer and all the other power-goodies the D7100 skimps on or doesn't have. BUT we won't be seeing it anytime soon. Why? Because apparently we won't be seeing the 7D MKII until 2014.

In the meantime, enjoy your D7100 and get ready for the big trade-up.

my 2 cents,


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