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theswede wrote:

Sean Nelson wrote:
The desktop UI still uses the standard visual cues such as menus, window button, etc.   It's the Touch UI that lacks visual cues, and there's a good reason for that - extremely precious real estate on mobile devices.

Windows 8 on my desktop system has no touch UI. It has Metro and classic, and neither of them are touch, because there is no touch screen on my desktop PC.

"UI" (User Interface) is generally used to described software, not hardware. I use the term "touch UI" to refer to the "Metro"-style user interface, just as I use "desktop UI" to refer to the traditional Windows DWM (Desktop Window Manager) GUI interface.

The lack of visual cues in a touch UI isn't something that's specific to Windows - it's the style used on all mobile devices.

Windows 8 uses non-obvious gestures (slide from top to bottom to get a list of applications running - how am I supposed to figure that out?)

Swipes from the side are a standard touch UI technique, similar to right-clicking for a desktop UI.  No, they're not obvious for someone used to a desktop, but they're par for the course for mobile devices.   Anyone used to a touch UI who wasn't familiar with a particular mobile OS would try swipes from the side to see what they do.   I don't see that as a failing of Windows 8.

The lack of visual cues in a touch UI isn't something that's specific to Windows - it's the style used on all mobile devices.The problem isn't really that Windows 8 has a bad touch UI - it's that such a UI is inappropriate for desktop users and they shouldn't be dumped into it by default.

The main issue with Windows 8 is that if I sit down at an unfamiliar Windows 8 computer I am pretty much handicapped. I have no obvious ways to navigate, find the programs installed, or just Get Things Done.

This is exactly my point.   The big problem for Windows 8 is in dumping you into the touch UI in the first place, even though your system doesn't have the hardware to recognize touch gestures.

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