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Re: You're making my point

I come into these threads looking for the "rational" discussion of Windows 8 and it's advantages (according to folks like you, there are apparently none of these)

Not really, no. Over Windows 7 it has some newer drivers and improvements in headline grabbers like startup time. Nothing substantial for neither corporate use, typical light home use or gaming.

and disadvantages (I am more than willing that there are a number of these).

Indeed there are.

Instead, I see threads where supposed computer "experts"  are completely hung up on some of the more trivial aspects of the operation of the system.

When trivial aspects of the operation of the system are broken that has tremendous impact on the usability of it. The trivial parts are the ones which have to work flawlessly for the system to become transparent to the user and stay out of the way. When they do not, but instead interfere with everyday operation they become a very big deal.

They can't figure out how to get to the desktop; they can't find a list of all installed programs; they can't figure out how to shutdown the computer, and once they know how to shutdown the computer, the fact that it is in a slightly different place somehow shows that it's end of days for Microsoft.

Actually the end of days for Microsoft is because desktop and laptop systems are a mature market now. But that they make sucky products isn't helping, of course.

These people aren't the general public, they are computer people.  They run obscure linux distros, and get "real" work done (talk about condescension).

Most of my real work gets done on Windows 7 and OSX, but I get a fair share done on Debian Linux, which is hardly obscure. My relaxation, surfing and gaming is mostly done on Linux.

But when faced with a new system like Windows 8 they apparently just shut down.  Many of the complaints I see are simply not problems if you try for just 10 seconds, but I guess that's not even necessary when you already have your mind made up.

It takes me a lot more than 10 seconds more to help $RELATIVE over the phone how to change a setting in Windows 8 compared to in Windows 7. Not just because I need to spend a lot more time finding it (it's pretty awful how Windows versions vary in where they keep settings) but also because the UI is not consistent and predictable. Suddenly there is a full screen app in the way which has no close button, and suddenly there is no tile visible with the expected name, and if the OS is set to a different language (usually I support four different language setups for friends and relatives, but sometimes it's not one of those four either) I can't just say where it should be on screen, I have to google the name of the setting to be able to let them search.

It's a failure in so many ways it's painful. There's nothing redeeming about it.

Fun fact, Coca Cola took the formula from New Coke, replaced the corn syrup with artificial sweeteners, and it is now the 2nd most popular soda on the planet (Diet Coke).

Which supports that addressing the issue which people complained about (New Coke is too sweet) creates a superior product.

Kind of like how Microsoft could fix Windows 8.


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