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Re: Export possible?

DMillier wrote:

Does LR have the capability of exporting out all your images, edits and metadata in some kind of format other programs can use such that if you were forced to move to another program you wouldn't lose a decade of work?


I do not want to have my photos held hostage because 10 years ago I made a lot of complicated edits to a raw file that exist only in LR, in a format that no other program can replicate.

Any time you want you can export your edited images as TIFF files that can be opened by other software, so you won't lose the work you've done up till that point.  But the edits will be destructively baked into the TIFF file.  I'm not aware of any software that lets you nondestructively edit a raw file, and then export those edits nondestructively to software from another company.  If such software exists I'd sure like to know about it.  But I believe your concern about Adobe software applies to all photo editing software from any company.  No matter what software you're using, if you decide for any reason to switch to another company you will not be able to transfer your edits nondestructively.

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