OM-D E-M5 vs E-5 (build quality)

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philosomatographer wrote:

RichRMA wrote:

I saw a guy buying old Nikon D2x (despite their being a D90 at the same price point) and he got outstanding build quality and an ancient sensor.  Why do it?  To me, it's like someone who once had money, who still insists on driving around in a rusting, broken down old Cadillac (as if to say, "Hey, I once was on top of the world")  instead of just getting a decent economy car.  Those of you who can would dump the E-5 in 2 seconds if a new body with the OM-D sensor showed up, even if it wasn't built as well.  After all, many of you sold your E-1's (which was better built than the E-5) in order to get the E-5 and a better sensor.

I don't see the point of your post in this discussion. Of course I would upgrade tomorrow if a similar professional body with a much better sensor is released, but only if it does not compromise on the other (usability, photographic performance, viewfinder, etc)...

So you are going to buy a Nikon D800 tomorrow!?

No, because despite your statement, you want to stick with Olympus for nostalgic reasons.  Just like people who drive around in cars from the 1960's ("they don't build 'em like that anymore!"), or people who still buy LPs. Or like the Chevy people who hate Ford and visa-versa.

I do agree with the above post.  If an E-7 came out with the E-M5 sensor, many people would jump on it and leave their E-1s and E-3s in the closet.  Others would rather drive around in their old cars and feel nostalgic.

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