Windows 8 shocker

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Re: You're making my point

What the heck is the "victory party" you're talking about? I have no idea what you're referring to, probably because my IQ is nowhere near yours.

Kinda hung up on this whole IQ thing that you concocted in your head, aren't ya?

It's the way you speak to people that makes you come off as an "elitist" and/or "snobbish". Sorry to be so blunt and sorry that offends you so much.

These people aren't the general public, they are computer people.  They run obscure linux distros, and get "real" work done (talk about condescension).  But when faced with a new system like Windows 8 they apparently just shut down.  Many of the complaints I see are simply not problems if you try for just 10 seconds, but I guess that's not even necessary when you already have your mind made up.

And your mind is made up that Microsoft has a winner with W8, correct? So the fact that they're retooling it means nada, correct? And the fact that these "trivial" quirks of W8 seem to bother many people in this thread and not you means what exactly?

Your assumptions/conclusions in your paragraph above show what an elitist/snob you are. OK, people just shut down when faced with something new and/or different if that makes you happy. Sorry again but the manner in which you converse is repulsive to me.


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