why not f/1.2 by Sony?

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Re: why not f/1.2 by Sony?

S3ZAi wrote:

I think that with a possible sigma 1.4 lens on the horizon, we will see faster lenses eventually, and have more choice, just not very soon. At least it's not on the official sony roadmap until the end of 2014 I believe...

I won’t place my bets against Sigma producing a premium series trio to follow up on economical trio (19mm, 30mm and 60mm), with size, weight and price multiplied. OTOH, Sony has chosen to offer a line that is fast, light, compact and reasonably priced. Personally, I see absolutely no point in putting resources to develop Sony 35mm f/1.4 that costs $800 over 35mm/1.8 that costs $450. I would rather see that going towards more practical, logical solutions, like 85/1.8 (or f/2), and a faster zoom.

Then consider the fact that we’re talking about APS-C sensor, which is considerably bigger than 1”. This is why you can get 28mm equivalent FOV with f/1.8 on RX100 (also 1”) and on a zoom lens to begin with. My good old friend, Sony F828, has 28-200mm equivalent zoom lens, with f/2-2.8 on what makes for a very tiny lens amd the lens barely extends. We might as well complain about why nobody is making 18-135 f/2-2.8 (APS-C) or 28-200 f/2-2.8 (Full Frame) zoom lens?

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