How much brighter are studio strobes than speedlights?

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When I measure flash power...

...of different strobes I always put them into a soft box. That is a lot better than any reflector which are not even.

I can put my softboxes on to the speedlight with those special adapters.

I put the lightmeter onto a stand holding it with a clip.

Than I measure and repeat every measurement at least 3 times, I keep the distance and angel of the lightmeter the same from the strobes.

I measured that the strong speedlights like SB800-900-24 or Youngnuo 560 series they have about the power of a 80W strobe. If you put 3 of them into a softbox that is about the same as a weaker studio strobe.


Brent Allen Thale wrote:

Ok, I heard back from Paul Buff support on this. I don't want to cut and paste their response out of courtesy, but paraphrasing a bit, I believe they are saying my results are pretty close to what should be expected. They think the 35mm zoom setting on my SB-900 flash is not exactly matched to the 7-inch reflector on the X2400, and that is likely where I'm seeing a small unfairness to the X2400 (40 degree spread vs 80 degree).

Their guess is that the X2400 would be 11-12 times as powerful as the SB-900 if the test could be made to compare apples-to-apples exactly.

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