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Re: You're making my point

1w12q312qw1 wrote:

When enough "experts" trip getting onto your new moving walkway that they start running around and scaring the general public away from it, you eventually you just turn the thing off.

I'm sorry folks, I just can't stand condescension from anyone and this guy's posts are constantly putting down anyone who doesn't agree with him. He probably has a bunch of meaningless letters after his name and this allows him to look down upon us peons.

I'm sorry I interrupted your little "victory" party.  Please don't feel the need to stop congratulating eachother about how awesomely right you all were on my account.

Have a nice day.

What the heck is the "victory party" you're talking about? I have no idea what you're referring to, probably because my IQ is nowhere near yours.

Kinda hung up on this whole IQ thing that you concocted in your head, aren't ya?

You come here with the attitude that anyone and everyone who sees fault with Windows 8 does not have the intelligence that you possess to understand and operate it. You and Archer66 (see below) are obviously in the 1% who can operate W8 while the rest of us knuckle-draggers just look at the tiles and are dumb-founded. We are like little babies crying "I want my start-button - waaaaah!"

I come into these threads looking for the "rational" discussion of Windows 8 and it's advantages (according to folks like you, there are apparently none of these) and disadvantages (I am more than willing that there are a number of these).  Instead, I see threads where supposed computer "experts"  are completely hung up on some of the more trivial aspects of the operation of the system.  They can't figure out how to get to the desktop; they can't find a list of all installed programs; they can't figure out how to shutdown the computer, and once they know how to shutdown the computer, the fact that it is in a slightly different place somehow shows that it's end of days for Microsoft.

These people aren't the general public, they are computer people.  They run obscure linux distros, and get "real" work done (talk about condescension).  But when faced with a new system like Windows 8 they apparently just shut down.  Many of the complaints I see are simply not problems if you try for just 10 seconds, but I guess that's not even necessary when you already have your mind made up.

I fail to see a victory party going on here, I'm not a MS fanboy like you and Archer. Plenty of people have compared W8 to the New Coke where a huge company totally misjudged their customers' tastes. So according to your impeccable logic, the New Coke was a flop because people didn't have the correct taste buds to appreciate it, correct?

I haven't seen a single comparison to New Coke until someone from Microsoft brought it up the other day.  But I don't read every single article so I can't really speak to how common the comparison is.

Fun fact, Coca Cola took the formula from New Coke, replaced the corn syrup with artificial sweeteners, and it is now the 2nd most popular soda on the planet (Diet Coke).

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