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Re: Export possible?

ljfinger wrote:

DMillier wrote:

Does LR have the capability of exporting out all your images, edits and metadata in some kind of format other programs can use such that if you were forced to move to another program you wouldn't lose a decade of work?

Sort of.  It can export out all of its edit recipes and metadata, but not flags, VCs, collection information and a few other things.  Further, those edit recipes are only compatible if given to the same "cook", i.e. Camera Raw or Lightroom, so they aren't that useful if you switch to another editing program.  You could, of course, export finished images in JPEG or TIFF format, which is the only real way to preserve exact pixel values in final images.

You can also export as a .psd file and use any version of non-subscription-based Photoshop to work on them.

As far as flags, VCs, and collection information are concerned, you may be left with a lot of duplicates depending on how you used those items but that could be managed easily enough by exporting to specifically named folders.

FWIW, I have no issue sticking with Adobe LR even if it goes to a subscription model. When I get tired enough of paying them, I can export all of my files and move on to a new program. If and when they do go subscription only, I would first archive all of my old catalogs along with the installation files for a perpetual licensed version of LR that way I am not starting completely from scratch even if means managing some files in one piece of software and the rest in LR.

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