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Re: Opinion Poll - I think it is actually pretty high - say greater than 50%

Great Bustard wrote:

In your opinion, based on the photos you see posted here on DPR and elsewhere on the net, what percent of the photos would have had greater impact if they had been captured with better equipment?

Obviously the majority of photos are taken with a 'phone camera'. Now the marginal 'cost' of having a 'camera' when you have a 'phone' already is very low - say US$20. So if you paid only US$20 for your camera then if you post say 100 photos you dont expect a very high return in terms of appreciation.

Now if you have a US$2,000 full frame, in order to justify the cost you actually need a lot more in terms of admittedly a very 'intangible' appreciation from your 100 photos. Doubly so, because if you post garbage with your US$2k camera people will think you are a complete fool and your return might actually be negative.

Essentially if you paid 'nothing' for your camera your barrier to post photos is incredibly low. Aperson with an expensive full frame which cost him a lot must post photos to justify his purchase.

Essentially my argument is pretty simple - it is along the lines that I suspect that owners of say a Nikon 800e take a lot of lousy photos (including foodies and selfies) but they simply dont post them.

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