Recieved my GXR from Henrys

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Re: Recieved my GXR from Henrys

Reg Ister wrote:

I just received my GXR from Henry's.

First impression of the pictures with the M-module: very nice.

First impression: relatively silent ! solid. good menus, but.....

it would be nice to change the size of the enlarged part with the dial-wheel: the enlarged part is so big that you don't see the picture anymore, so i do as the others: enlarging all.

However, a tiny enlarged patch in the center could be "on" all the time.

second: instead of "toggle" the enlargement mode, why not enlarge only while pressing the button?

There has been some confusion on this point in some of the answers presented on this question in this thread.

There are two different concepts

1) Focus enlargement (called Zoom in the manual). The GXR has two different modes. One is enlargement of the center of the view. The other is enlarge all.

This does NOT affect picture quality, only the size of the image displayed in the EVF or LCD.

I use FN1 set to enlarge all so the entire screen is enlarged. The amount of enlargement can be set by holding the self-timer button and then choosing a magnification when the menu appears.

Used with Focus Assist (Focus Peaking), this is a superb way to confirm focus. I use Mode 1 most of the time. However, with wide angle lenses outside, I finde Mode 2 to be more useful.

2) Digital Zoom.

Digital Zoom will change image quality. It changes the crop to simulate a telephoto effect. Most photographers who care about quality dont not use this mode.

"Normal" will crop a portion of the image then enlarge it. The size of the image recorded will remain the same. The quality will deterioriate.

"Auto-Resize" will crop and keep the center of the image. It is not enlarged. The final image is smaller. The native quality of the image is not changed. In the viewfinder the number of megapixels recorded is displayed down to VGA quality.

"Auto-Resize" can be done simply by cropping the image on the computer.

I use "Auto-Resize" to limit what is recorded to only the subject I want. I am cropping before I record the image. I use it more than I want to admit.

It is more useful with fixed focal length lenses. The new GR uses this technique to change the effective field of view from a 28mm lens to 35mm field of view with the cost of a change to a 10MP image.

The Sony RX1 uses a varient of this technique that is closer to "Normal Mode", but is optimized to minimize image degredation.

Other cameras with good implementations of digital zoom include the GRD series and the Panasonic LX series.

I have no experience with the Sony NEX and it's digital "teleconverter" mode.

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