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Great Bustard wrote:

In your opinion, based on the photos you see posted here on DPR and elsewhere on the net, what percent of the photos would have had greater impact if they had been captured with better equipment?

Please post the percent in the subject line, and any comments in the body.

By the way, it's clear that many would benefit from the operation of better equipment, for example, faster / more accurate AF, in that it would get them the shot that lesser equipment might miss.  However, this poll is about photos that were successfully captured.  How many people do you feel would produce photos that were more successful if they had been captured with better equipment?

What I'm asking is, for example, if a photo had been taken with an entry level Canon DSLR and the kit lens, would it have made a difference in the success of the photo if it had been taken instead with the Nikon D800 and a top tier lens, where by "success of the photo" I mean you would have paid for one, but not the other, or paid more for one than the other.

The problem I'd say is that 99% of the time were only looking at web resolution shots, the advantages of something like the D800 will become much more obvious in larger prints.

At Web resolution I'd say that the gear most likely to have an impact on someones pictures is the range and aperture of the lens in question, a tripod and filters.

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