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Re: It's just an OS.

Archer66 wrote:

1w12q312qw1 wrote:

What I don't get is the constant whining.

You don't like Win 8, fine no big deal.

It's just an OS, no one is forcing you to use it.

Geez, get a life.

When you make a statement like: "It's just more popular to bash W8", you're implying some sort of mass hysteria where people are not thinking rationally. When Dradam states that he is among the chosen few who have "figured out" how to navigate W8, maybe he is illustrating perfectly WHY W8 is a disaster.

MS looked at the market and panicked in my honest opinion. They can read a graph as well as anyone and they decided to make wholesale changes to right the ship. As many have said in this thread, they would not be getting any of this blowback if they had given the user two options for Virtual-W7 and/or Metro.

Right, no one is forcing you to use any Windows version, but let's call a spade a spade, specifically that MS made a huge blunder. Can they bounce back? Probably, but the PC market is changing at warp-speed and to see companies like Samsung and LG make inroads on Apple territory is stunning, to say the least. And for Microsoft to see their share of the computer business dwindling (no matter what their sales claims state), in their panic they produced W8. And when companies panic, customers can sense it. Adobe's new policy is another example of corporate-panic.

Yes, let's keep the back-and-forth rational, I'll try my best but I will not put up with condescension from anyone.

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