Think Tank Modular System - Pouches vs. Skins

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Re: Think Tank Modular System - Pouches vs. Skins

Yorkshireman wrote:

Leaving the rear lens caps off your lenses is not a good idea. You realise that any dust particles which get on the rear end of the lens will be very visible in photos, whereas dust on the front end of the lens might reduce contrast, but in general is less critical?

Thanks for your comment.  Makes sense.

I thought some more about how I'd use this system and ordered the padded pouches.  I will put the lenses in the pouch face down with hoods mounted, front lens caps off and rear lens caps ON.  The hoods will keep the front of the lenses off the bottom of the pouch.  I've stopped using protective filters anyway, so having the lens pointed down is much safer.

So, the routine for changing lenses, or some variation thereof, will be:

1.) open drawstring for pouch with target lens

2.) reach into empty lens pouch with left hand to grab rear lens cap

3.) take lens off camera with right hand

4.) put lens cap on rear of lens with left hand

5.) put lens into empty pouch with right hand

6.) get lens from other pouch

7.) remove lens cap

8.) mount lens on camera

9.) put lens cap in empty pouch

10.) close drawstring for pouch with lens in it

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11.) get ready to take the photo only to discover the situation has changed and I need the 1st lens mounted again.  (;->)

I think I'll try the Skin Body bag because it can expand for carrying more stuff if needed.

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