Please define "pixel peeping".

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Re: Please define "pixel peeping".

Fuzzy John wrote:

So I shouldn't be worried that when comparing images from my 8 year old KM7D (6MP) and a new Nikon D7100 (24MP) at 100% each, the images from the KM7D appear sharper?

When I view each image shrunk down to the monitor's native resolution isn't detail (quite a lot in the case of a 6000x4000 image) eliminated? With both pictures filling the monitor's screen they look similar, maybe with the D7100 a little softer, but at 100% the difference is huge. I expected more from the D7100 and I am starting to have second thoughts. Or maybe I forgot to remove the protective film Nikon placed over the sensor?

The D7100 is magnified twice as much at 100% as the KM7D so it is likely to look a bit worse at the pixel level. To get a true comparison you need to look at them at the same actual magnification level. It would also be important to being looking at the same scene shot at the same time at the same exposure settings with the same mechanical support and the same lens, or equally good lenses.

A 24 MP image is going to show more of the lens problems, shooter problems etc. than a 6 MP, but if you  shoot under the same conditions an 8 x 10 print from each camera should be similar, a 16 x 20 should look better with the 24 MP.

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