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Re: Glen, - response kind of long, sorry.

Well, right now, I'm still looking.

Overall, I'm pretty impressed with a combination of ACDSee Pro 6 to replace Lightroom, and ACDSee Photo Editor 6 as the companion editor.  This combination is not perfect, and I will have to change some of my probably bad habits if I continue with it.  The combination has some glaring flaws in my mind (mostly on the Editor side which is a sort of new/sort of old, product), I like the speed and organizational capabilities of Pro.

The image quality of ACDSee Pro 6 is excellent as is the raw conversion.  And ACDSee has always had strong organizational capabilities.  On the whole I rather like it.

The editor, Photo Editor 6 was their old editor, dusted off, given a new name, had some minor changes to it and recompiled for modern PCs and Windows 8.  It was state of the art for 8 years ago, so that means it is still better than most editors out there and it doesn't cost as much as a meal  at the Olive Garden!

It has excellent image quality, opens raw files natively including dng, offers full 16 bit processing, handles most Photoshop plug-ins, has excellent color management, has layers, curves, batch processing, all the important stuff.  Plus I like the user interface, it doesn't get in the way with its cleverness or a slavish devotion to Photoshop style obtuseness.

Where the editor fails, in my mind, is in 2 areas.  First, it doesn't offer the kind of seamless integration with ACDSee Pro 6 that I think it should, and it currently only comes in a 32 bit version, which means the newer high pixel count file cameras like the Nikon D800 are going to find it useless. Let me explain the integration issue a bit.

ACDSee Pro has 2 default themes charcoal colored theme similar to what you would find in Lightroom and an optional theme that is a sort of light/medium gray. Pro is reasonably easy to modify so that the background that the photo you are working on is 'sitting' on a color of your choice.

ACDSee Photo editor comes in a theme of light gray only which doesn't match any of the default colors in ACDSee Pro. The ability to adjust the background color on which the photo being worked on is extremely limited. It is impossible to adjust this color set to match the default ones in ACDSee Pro.

What this means from a practical perspective, is, that it becomes very difficult to tell if the colors within the photo has shifted in the trip to Editor from ACDSee Pro 6. The background and surrounding colors change our perception of how color 'looks' and as a result, the unsuspecting user spends a great deal of time trying to adjust the color of the photo in Editor to make it 'look' like the way it did in ACDSee Pro, when the actual color either hasn't changed at all or has changed very little.

It is easier to adjust the theme colors between ACDSee Pro and almost any other editor I have encountered than it is to match it to ACDSee Photo Editor 6. I got to tell you, this is wrong. If you want people to think of ACDSee in terms of a software system, you need consistency in the level of controls between the stand alone modules and you need to make sure they can offer the same results.

The editor is frustrating, in that what it does do, it does so darned well! But it is almost easier to use it as a companion to Lightroom (which is what I suspect they were thinking when they released the Editor 3 months ago) than it is to use it as a companion to ACDSee Pro 6.

Another area of odd Pro 6 and Editor 6 compatibility is that when you want to send a raw photo to the editor, it sends the raw photo itself.  Since the editor can open raw, that is no problem.  But Lightroom has trained us to think the round trip should occur with a 16 bit tif file.  I'm not sure if this is a problem or a feature.  but I think the user should have the option of sending a tif file if he or she wants.

I'm  in no hurry to make a final decision,  I'll continue to use my current software for the time being while I continue to evaluate the ACDSee titles and others not already rejected by me.  I really like ACDSee Pro 6 so far, and I like ACDSee Photo Editor as a companion for Lightroom but with Pro 6, not so much.

The thing is, these titles came out before the Adobe announcement.  What I would like to see is how ACDSee Pro 7 and ACDSee Photo Editor 7 integrate with each other.  To me, that will be the true indication that ACDSee is stepping up and becoming serious about taking some of Adobe's business from them.  I got time and can afford to wait to see how things shake out.

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