No Byass Please.D800/E or 5D MK 111

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Re: No Byass Please.D800/E or 5D MK 111

I have D800E, Fuji XE1, SOny Nex 6.

With Nikon's View NX 2 software downloads of files is fast and easy. They process quite well. I have an i7 laptop.

By contrast I find Lightroom really slow even with Sony Nex 6 files which are way smaller. Perhaps I need to change some settings on Lightroom because it is tedious, does not display thumbnails half the time and just generally really really slow.

As far as 17-40 lens goes. I am not so sure how good that lens is. I just saw a nightscape image with lots of coma. My Nikon 14-24 has no coma wide open. I don't think 16-35 Nikon does either.

As far as image quality goes I think the D800E is untouchable in its class. Whilst 5D3 is a great all round camera the D800E has a wow factor I personally find the images from 5D3 lacks. 5D3 images tend to be good not wow. Fuji XE1 has a wow factor, Sigma Merill and D800E have a wow factor. Like the difference between a spectacular lens and a good lens.

From following this forum for some time the focus issues seemed to be resolved about 4 months ago. It took Nikon ages and I would confirm this but I don't recall seeing any " I just got a D800 with left focus issues" post for some time now.

As far as Live View goes I always found it acceptable. 5D3 has a better live view. Nikon improved live view performance on D800 about 6 weeks ago with a firmware update. Several posts indicated it was improved. It certainly seems a bit cleaner and sharper. I think they upped contrast and colour. Not sure if its a match for the 5D3 yet or not. Overall for landscapes the D800E is the one to get. It really is a spectacular camera and I have had mine now since June last year and it still amazes me with its performance.

Nikon lens selection seems pretty good.They filled some gaps with the 70-200mm F4 in particular that a lot of Canon users wanted.

Canon 17 tse and other tse lenses seem to be better than Nikon offerings. There is a Samyang tilt/shift lens about to ship for way less than either.

Canon does not have a competitive widefield lens compared to Nikon which has a few.

The Sony Exmor sensor is the main reason you get a D800E ( at least for me). It has the widest dynamic range, no banding in shadows, great low noise high ISO performance, built in time lapse and intervalometer which I use a lot (its very user friendly also).  AF performance was also improved generally in the last firmware update.

But bottomline - both are great cameras and you'd be happy with either.


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