"I'm not sure I get it" - no I don't believe you do

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@Max Archer - would you pay the same $1000 for a camera without EVF?

Max Archer wrote:

I'm a little amazed at just how worked up people get about VF vs LCD.....I have no problem shooting with the LCD, and in fact I kind of like the "casual" feeling of shooting that way as a break from having a big heavy SLR to my eye all day.

LCD Usage isn't the issue here, the question being asked by THOM is VALUE!

  • $1000 E-P5 - No EVF, No Weathproof, but has WIFI
  • $1000 E-M5 -  EVF + Weatherproof, but no WIFI

They're the same price.  Let me phrase the comparison in something you understand.  You recently post a question on the best last generation m43 camera, and I recommended Panasonic GX1 that you went along with.   assuming if B&H price both camera exactly the same, both share the same sensor, same performance, which has better value?

  • $250 Panasonic GX1 - No EVF, No Articulating LCD
  • $250 Panasonic G3 - EVF + Articulating LCD

All things being equal, which would you choose, which represent a better value?  Thom is asking this question because E-P5 and E-M5 are price the same, that is why he said "he doesn't get it, nor does he believe you do either."

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