OM-D E-M5 vs E-5 (build quality)

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Oh, here we go again...

Great Bustard wrote:

Which systems, in particular, are you saying would have been "put to shame" had the above photos been taken with them?

Your persistence is inspiring.

There are only one or two SLR ultra wide angle lenses in the world that competes with the ZD 7-14mm lens. There are very few systems that can create an image encompassing an undistorted 114 degrees angle of view (7mm) with anywhere near the same evenness of resolution, contrast, and freedom from flare - one that will look great in a 1-metre print.

Let's suppose that the only two reasonable contenders in SLR-land are:

  • FF Nikon (20MP+, the 12MP models are much softer than the E-5) with the 14-24mm lens
  • FF Canon with the Zeiss Distagon 15mm f/2.8

Both of these will, under optimum conditions, exceed (quite comfortably) what the E-5 + 7-14mm can do. By no means because the lenses are better in absolute terms, but because - stopping them down, and having a sensor with four times the area, more-than compensates to produce a better end-result (and that is all that counts). Howver, practically nothing else can compete (if you disagree, please provide alternatives).

From these prepositions, we can conclude that my statement - "puts mostother systems to shame" - is in fact reasonable. Luckily, now having seen the results of large prints, I do not have to construct logical arguments to prove this point to myself - my eyes did it for me

I have always maintained that this argument holds for the other Olympus Super High Grade lenses also - e.g. the 14-35mm, and the 35-100mm. These lenses have no equal in the world of SLRs (as can be - and has been - demonstrated. Both explicitly, and by logical deduction - such as where these zooms massively outperform Leica M-mount lenses, lenses the superiority of which over typical SLR lenses nobody in their right mind questions).

Why don't you go and post on the Canon forums that you think your lenses are the best in the world. You could even try to post some samples that support your opinion. I promise you, I won't come and attack your posts over there.

I think you're just upset that you have to stop your lenses down to render a sharp image across the frame, and the only comfort you have is "shallow depth of field" Or maybe your lens' USM focusing motor spontaneously died as two of mine did when I was using the system. Or perhaps your 5D got wet and short-circuited?

Lighten up. It's the final image that counts.

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