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The desktop UI still uses the standard visual cues such as menus, window button, etc.   It's the Touch UI that lacks visual cues, and there's a good reason for that - extremely precious real estate on mobile devices.  The lack of visual cues in a touch UI isn't something that's specific to Windows - it's the style used on all mobile devices.

Windows 8 on my desktop system has no touch UI. It has Metro and classic, and neither of them are touch, because there is no touch screen on my desktop PC.

And when Metro pops up there are no cues on how to get to classic. In fact, there are no clues at all that classic even exists. And whenever a Metro app happens to start (or just get to the foreground if running in the background stealing resources) there are no cues on how to get away from it.

The problem isn't really that Windows 8 has a bad touch UI - it's that such a UI is inappropriate for desktop users and they shouldn't be dumped into it by default.

The problem is manifold. Even on a touch enabled screen Metro is very hard to get to grips with since it makes heavy use of gestures. iOS and Android (at least before 4.0; no idea after) have gestures as options, not core interaction mechanics. Everything can be done through visible buttons, slides to move a skeumorphic surface or hardware buttons. Very easy to get and explain.

Windows 8 uses non-obvious gestures (slide from top to bottom to get a list of applications running - how am I supposed to figure that out?) and has no obvious way to do basic tasks (like getting a list of all the programs which can be started on the machine, like, say, a start menu provides).

The main issue with Windows 8 is that if I sit down at an unfamiliar Windows 8 computer I am pretty much handicapped. I have no obvious ways to navigate, find the programs installed, or just Get Things Done. Windows 7 is pretty bad, but at least I can get stuff going on it despite having been away from it for a few months without major issues or having to resort to googling (on my phone) how to do things that on Windows 7 would be "click the start button and look for a reasonable program name".

Other touch UI's (and desktop GUI's) manage to get out of my way and allow me to focus on tasks and applications. Windows 8 insists I learn a bunch of gestures just to get around, and if I don't know them I'm unable to use it.

If I have to memorize a bunch of functions I'll just use bash on a POSIX system. That's been around for forty-odd years and will be around for at least forty-odd more years. Windows 8 and its horrid gestures will be gone within a decade.


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