why not f/1.2 by Sony?

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Re: why not f/1.2 by Sony?

S3ZAi wrote:

What I don't understand is, long story short:

for a 1 inch sensor, the nikon 1 for example, a 1.2 lens is ok, perhaps even needed

for micro 4/3 they have existed all along and perhaps even better ones will be made, who knows

for full frame there are many options, most are big and expensive, but still, that's up to the buyer we would all agree.

So can we conclude that only for apsc size sensor fast lenses are not needed, nor wanted?

Ummm, wait, even if for example fuji makes them and they sell like hotcakes? Xpro IS apsc, right? Well, fuji must be out of their minds, they managed to produce something that wasn't even possible. Nor desirable. They already have at least one 1.4 lens. There is also a 1.2 one in the making if I understand correctly.

Also there are already rumors that sigma might be making a 1.4 lens for nex.

So, let's just narrow it down even further. It is not so much that for apsc sized sensors fast lenses aren't needed nor wanted, only if they are of the brand sony.

Now that seems to be a bit fishy to me, or fishy to say the least, if not just a big pile of BS if you  ask me.

I don't even need a fast lens anymore, I am happy with sel35 with oss, it's just this whole: let's gang up  on people who ask questions mentality that seems to be prevalent here.

As a general comment think about it - anyone who comes up with a good NEW idea always starts off as a minority of one ! There will always be people who want to push back the boundaries while other seem content with the status quo.

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