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Re: Not intutive

I just do not get all this crying that the Win 8 GUI is not intuitive.

It's not crying. It's the observation that the GUI has no visual cues for basic tasks. That is user unfriendly, and especially casual user and beginner unfriendly.

Years ago when I started using the first Windows OS/GUI nothing was intuitive.

Quite so. But the GUI contained visual cues how to use it. If you had no idea where to start, clicking the button named "start" might be a good idea, for example. And skeumorphic features on the application windows, consistency between applications and plain text in menus and dialogs made learning to get basic tasks done doable for pretty much anyone.

We all learned quickly. When Apple came out with their first computer and OS, it was not intuitive, but we learned.

Most people didn't. The Apple I did not sell all that many copies. The Apple II didn't really take off until the spreadsheet for it came out, and then it was mostly used as a spreadsheet machine, not as a general purpose computer.

Very few non-enthusiast and non-IT people used the OS'es on the pre-GUI machines for anything but typing in the names of the one or two applications they used.

By the way, I am a PC user and fumble around when today I have to use an Apple with their new GUIs. Very little intuitive for me in the Apple GUI.

If you are so stuck that you find clicking on an application to start it and clicking the red button on the top of the window to close it it's a wonder you get around in Windows even. The differences between OSX and Windows 7 for basic tasks are mainly cosmetic. It's only when you have to do administrative tasks that you find OSX only having one place for all of that compared to Windows having it spread out all over.

Same for Linux and I have built from MB up several Linux machines.

That's like saying "I drive a Ford so I don't find my way in European car design". Linux does not have a single GUI to talk about. Whether or not you use Gnome, KDE or some other major (or minor) GUI (with the exception of tiling ons like ratpoison) the basic tasks are done the same as in every other major GUI on the planet except Windows 8. Only when doing administration do tasks differ.

I am not even going to mention Android tablets using ICS.

What's so bad about it? Select an app to start it, push the close button to close it. No hidden hot corners, no swipes across the screen to get to basic things like the second app you started. Visual cues and skeumorphism abound, just like in all other major GUI's. Except Windows 8, of course.

W/R to user name, what is not intuitive about plain English on the page? Unfortunately it takes a little personal thinking.

If it takes a written description it is by definition not intuitive.

W/R to logon, it took me about 1 minute to figure out how to get to the logon. I just pushed the space bar.

That's one minute more than it should have taken. What's intuitive about sitting staring at a screen for one minute and then tentatively trying the space bar and being greeted by a reaction which there was no point in having to press a button to get?


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