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Re: You're making my point

1w12q312qw1 wrote:

The setup wizard is already mind numbingly simple and I honestly can't imagine an OEM "simplifying" it more by removing basic options (and, I honestly can't imagine that Microsoft would even allow them to do this).

For most every complaint about Windows 8 UI operation I see around here there is usually a very simple, straight forward solution (usually 2 or 3 of them) yet people seem completely unwilling to spend even minimal effort looking for or trying them.  I don't know if this is from some gut reaction to the new that makes peoples brains just shut down, if people actually WANT it to be harder just so they can have more ammo to backup their hatred of Windows 8, or if I am severely over estimating peoples computer abilities.

You know, people would take you a little more seriously if you cut out the condescending attitude towards other forumers in most of your posts. You are "overestimating peoples computer abilities"????? What a pompass-a$$ thing to say to someone. And I don't care what kind of background you have, you are probably an "educated" idiot judging by your handle. You must belong to MENSA and your waste smells like lilacs, right?

Look to yourself and your compatriots for condescending attitude and pompous security in the belief that THEIR way is the one true way.  I make no judgements about inexperienced or non-expert users (I would even include myself in the 2nd category), but yes, I do question the abilities of someone with "40 years of computer experience" that can't figure out how to create a new user without a Microsoft account starting at this screen:

HINT: If you read ALL the options you might find one you like

Windows 8 was/is a disaster, it has ZERO curb-appeal, might be OK once you're inside, but as others have said, ones first reaction to something new is everything. There are TONS of computer-savvy experts in the media who say MS really shot themselves in the foot with 8, so all of these people must be maroons, too, according to you!

Now who's being pompous towards those with a different opinion?

I am more than happy to talk about the shortcomings of Windows 8.  There are quite a few that they will hopefully address as the system matures. Unfortunately, to do so around here you have to wade through so many pages full of sensational bull and wrong/miss-information that being a dissenting opinion is more interesting.

Tell me DrAdam - why in the heck is MS fixing and/or reinventing Windows 8 if it is as grande a UI as you say it is? Are they just doing it to pass the time of day? Are they doing it because 99% of computer users are low-IQ hacks as you state so categorically?

When enough "experts" trip getting onto your new moving walkway that they start running around and scaring the general public away from it, you eventually you just turn the thing off.

I'm sorry folks, I just can't stand condescension from anyone and this guy's posts are constantly putting down anyone who doesn't agree with him. He probably has a bunch of meaningless letters after his name and this allows him to look down upon us peons.

I'm sorry I interrupted your little "victory" party.  Please don't feel the need to stop congratulating eachother about how awesomely right you all were on my account.

Have a nice day.

You too!

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