China may not overtake America this century after all

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Re: U.S. population is 130 million???

DrugaRunda wrote:

yanisha wrote:

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The proposal as put'

Of the 7 cities that I have spent time in in China there is about 90 million people, and these are big modern wealthy cities. There is a whole host of these cities that I have not yet seen. This number is only 40 million below your (US) population and I am sure that 40 million shall be easy accounted for in these other cities.

Are you saying that the U.S. population is 130 million???

Take 130 million (US) from 1 billion and 300 million (Chinese) leaves= 1 billion 1 hundred and seventy million.

Yes, you are saying that.   The U.S. population is 314 million.

Does it really matter?

Well, 130 million and 314 million are quite different numbers.  I didn't check the other numbers in the post so I don't know if they are also off.  Probably not.  Do you have some problem with getting the figures accurate?  What harm does it do?

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