why not f/1.2 by Sony?

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Re: that's not a fast lens

DtEW wrote:

tko wrote:

Don't know why people call this a fast lens.

F1.2 35MM = F1.8 50MM (there is a reason the OP picked those numbers.)

That's a cheap and light FF lens. $110 in the Canon mount. 4.6 oz.

So what about the NEX system turns a cheap Canon FF lens into an expensive and heavy Sony crop lens?

Why don't you ask that question back in m43-land?  There's it's merely not-possible (m43 would require 25mm f/0.9 to be equivalent to FF 50mm f/1.8) and for what can be done (Panny 25mm f/1.4) just very expensive.  So I don't think an m43er is one to talk.

Also, EF-to-E Speed Booster manages that pretty easily at a total cost of $710.  With autofocus and electronic control.  Or about half that cost with a Lens Turbo if you can manual focus with with focus peaking.

Voigtlander makes a few F0.95 lenses for m4/3 as well as SLRMagic.

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