why not f/1.2 by Sony?

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Re: why not f/1.2 by Sony?

I think the truth lies somewhere between the market and the difficulties of making such a lens.  Most people here insist the NEX system must remain compact and bulky lenses defeat that purpose. However, as far as I can tell, these are mostly representative of the DSLR downgrader crowd.  If they want bigger faster lenses, they already have it in their DSLRs.  The NEX-only crowd don't care about the bulk if it adds to the lens line-up and more variability and choice, but at DPR this crowd is probably in a minority as most NEX-only users are far more casual, whereas the more hardcore enthusiasts have DSLRs.

The second aspect is the technology to achieve a decent AF speed with super thin DoF.  I love my FL55/1.2 but it is damn hard to nail focus on any kind of moving object or live situation.  For the most part I don't shoot below f1.4 and quite often use it at f2-2.8 (where it really performs in my opinion).  Now translate those difficulties into an AF lens - the bulk is going to add up (55/1.2 is already heavy as hell without any motors or stabilization), the price is going to shoot up, and combine that with the vociferous crowds of opinion drivers like at DPR and Sony probably just think it's not yet worth it.

Of course, NEX is also a relatively immature mount and still needs a lot more common lenses before they go into the fast lenses.  Give it 3 years and I'm sure we'll have a slew of f1.4 lenses to pick from, but for now, they are probably concentrating more on a f2.8 zoom and the 85mm length (and yeah probably another 18-200 :p).

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