6D vs 7D --- Image Quality (there's no comparison)

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Re: Just printed 36 10RS (A4 sized) from 7D

abi170845 wrote:

sorry, I meant centimeter. A4 so that I don't have to crop, and I don't have all day to print my regular 60cm x 90 cm Kodak Metallic Glossy paper.

A4 size is not that big as I said even RX100 can print beautifully.  60 x 90 cm is different story that you should see difference clearly once you get 6D.

The point is how often do people print anyways? Do people have "print" on their mind when they take photos or the photos are for online only? I see 10 photographers and if I ask  to see their prints, I bet not even 5 can show me prints.

I don't print 99% of my photos.  I enjoy photos on 24" 1080p monitor.  Hope 30" 4K monitor (8K monitor in future) becomes affordable in two years.   Then I will see value of 46mp FF camera

Right, is that a good thing or bad when printed and it got rid of noise and smear? Good thing isn't it so? So what's the point of discussing  noise etc etc when in reality, printed big, it doesn't make any difference. If I show you 20 of my 60cm x 90 cm prints, can you tell which was shot with what camera? I will bow down to you if you can tell which is which with 100% correct answer.

Many said print as apply a large amount of NR.  Good for something such as portrait photos, not so good for landscape.  I could imagine ultra-HD, ultra -thin/light and ultra-energy-saving OLED displays will gradually replace paper prints in 5-10 years.  They will be very easy to hang on walls and can change contents easily of course.

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