Poll Will You buy LR5 knowing that next LR will be available through cloud only?

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I can't answer this question

Marcin 3M wrote:

Will You buy LR5 knowing that next LR will be available through cloud only?

Simply because it's based on something that isn't true, I don't know that the next version of lightroom will be available through the cloud only.  Someone at Adobe may know that, but certainly no one here does.  There are certainly strong indications that LR6 would be CC only, but there also reasons to believe that it will not be.  Either:

1)  Adobe wants to offer monthly licenses for all its software, regardless of market


2)  Adobe wants to offer "professional" software on monthly licenses and offer hobbyist and amateur software through more traditional methods.

Certainly there is less resistance (and perhaps enthusiasm) for monthly licensing from corporate users, so it makes sense for Adobe to move toward that distribution channel for products where such users make up the majority of their revenue.  If the outrage on this forum is any indication (or my own sentiment is a guide), most private users would not like such a licensing scheme, so it would not make sense for Adobe to use such schemes for products where private users make up the majority of their revenues.  I suspect (or hope) that LR falls into that latter category, where it makes good business sense to keep the license structure as is.  LR is already a much consumer friendly product, so there are some indications that this may be the case.

If either Adobe doesn't consider LR a consumer product or they will proceed to license all products through the CC, there is still a strong possibility LR5 may be the last version available as a stand alone.  If that's the case I might buy LR5 and just use it until I find something better, which is what I plan to do with CS6.

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