why not f/1.2 by Sony?

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Re: why not f/1.2 by Sony?

Jim Parsons wrote:

The SEL1018 sells @ $850 because nobody else makes anything that wide and more people shoot wide than shoot f/1.2.

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Jim Parsons

Well, there is the samyang 8mm, not af or zoom, but even wider than the sel10-18 and quite cheap. If you were, like me, only shooting wide every now and then, that one would suffice. Especially when that wide almost everything is in focus, so you really don't need af.

Anyway, I wonder if the op, who has mostly been posting at the sony alpha forum, was just having fun with us. He doesn't seem to be a nex user or owner. Not until now anyway. Perhaps considering to become one?

I think that with a possible sigma 1.4 lens on the horizon, we will see faster lenses eventually, and have more choice, just not very soon. At least it's not on the official sony roadmap until the end of 2014 I believe. I actually don't mind if sony would push a faster lens even further into the future and would work on the long prime to perfect that one, hopefully it would be something like 85mm 2, or a tad faster 1.8, if we are allowed to ask for that, with oss. That would make the system more complete than a faster short prime.

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