why not f/1.2 by Sony?

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Re: why not f/1.2 by Sony?

S3ZAi wrote,

I do get your point. I'm not saying that if sony would make a 1.2 lens for 2000$, every person who buys a nex would buy that lens. I think it would be a fraction at best.

But I've been on this forum for over a year and I've seen many many people saying that they bought a nex for their wife or as a secondary/spare setup and ended up using the nex all the time. A lot of people claiming that their nex gave better results than their dslrs. So I think we shouldn't underestimate the nex line. Like I said, especially the nex7 and the few 1000$ lenses.

For example the 10-18 isn't cheap at all, but I've seen quite some people buying it. How many people really need that lens? Not many, I'd say, the new powerzoom goes as wide as 16mm and that is wide enough for many. But still sony DID manufacture that lens. Not for millions of buyers, but for a limited number of buyers, at least compared to the 16-50 powerzoom kit lens. How come it is possible for sony to manufacture that lens and not a fast prime. Is it really that weird to ask this?

And again, what percentage of the buying public does the readership here represent? 10%? And what percentage of the readership here would buy a f/1.2 lens? 10% again? So that makes 1% of your sales base might buy a lens you'd produce. That could be very lucrative or a money pit, depending on your sales numbers.

The SEL1018 sells @ $850 because nobody else makes anything that wide and more people shoot wide than shoot f/1.2.

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