Windows 8 shocker

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Re: You're making my point

malch wrote:

dradam wrote:

That'd be one hell of a thing for the OEMs to change on you.

Well, it's a one time process so I can't absolutely confirm. But a simplified setup wizard is typically what OEM's do.

Maybe the option was there. Again, I can't confirm but I really didn't want to use my email address. I went to the trouble of creating a brand new Live address which was something of a PITA. Do you really think I would have jumped through all those hoops if the local username option was staring me in the face?

To be honest, yes, I do.

The setup wizard is already mind numbingly simple and I honestly can't imagine an OEM "simplifying" it more by removing basic options (and, I honestly can't imagine that Microsoft would even allow them to do this).

For most every complaint about Windows 8 UI operation I see around here there is usually a very simple, straight forward solution (usually 2 or 3 of them) yet people seem completely unwilling to spend even minimal effort looking for or trying them.  I don't know if this is from some gut reaction to the new that makes peoples brains just shut down, if people actually WANT it to be harder just so they can have more ammo to backup their hatred of Windows 8, or if I am severely over estimating peoples computer abilities.

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